Friday, May 25, 2012


Vikas nighties office photos

Vikas nighties packing section

Style Name

  • Micro Micro type 1 Micro type 2 Chudithar pattern with work Bisilissi 
  • Bisilissi type 1 
  • Bisilissi type 2 
  • Cotton Chudithar pattern with piping 
  • Chudithar pattern with Embroidery 
  • Chudithar pattern with Lays Fleeted - Piping Fleeted - Embroidery Frill - Smoking Frill - 
  • Lays with work 
  • Full sleeves 
  • Double sleeves Embroidery work in sleeves 
  • Night Suit 
  • Feeding Nighty (only XL available) 
  • Feeding Nighty (only XXL available) 
  • Full open (only XL) 
  • Full open with Lays work (only XXL Night with Shawl)
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